Through this post, I have tried to assess the impact of Bollywood on rapists. If I offend somebody, remember these are just my views and I am allowed to have those. This post in no way implies that I support leniency on rapists or that I am anti-women. It is just an attempt to look at things from a different perspective and find out why some Bollywood fans harass girls even though Bollywood has never openly supported it.



The first thing I search for when I look at a woman is her breasts. Am I a pervert? The second thing I look for is her curvaceous figure. Am I a pervert? The final thing I look for is her lips. Am I a pervert?

I was born in a village and raised in a city. My family was not an open-minded one. My father would think of it as an attempt to have sex if he ever saw me with girls. I was sent to an all-boys school. I grew up with boys like me. We watched girls on the Internet. We watched them on porn sites. We watched them in blue films. We watched them in Item songs of Bollywood. But most importantly, we watched them in the regular songs of Bollywood. We saw how the lead female actor would hate the lead male actor. We saw how after a song full of chasing the female actor, the male actor would come out as victorious. From our childhood, we saw this happen.  So why do people blame us if we go after girls like they do in films? Am I less than a hero! She is my lead actress. We ask our friends to harass her so that we can save her. This action sequence has always been popular in Bollywood. From Amitabh Bachchan to Varun Dhawan, we have seen them succeed in wooing the woman of her dreams. Why not in our case? What wrong have we done god! Why do all these people hate us? She is the woman of my dreams. I feel uncontrollable excitation when I see her. God gave us a penis. God gave them a vagina. If we do not use it what is the use of this 6-inch long vessel? Besides, I will succeed. I am destined for greatness like my Bollywood idols. Am I a pervert?

What the hell? The society hates me. No issues, even if they do, they cannot do anything. I will be out in some time for the rape I committed. And then I can have sex again in my life! I just followed my Bollywood idols. Australian Police arrested me! Why? What have I done wrong? Am I a pervert? That’s why?

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