Guilty Men! No, Guilty Women!

Women are treated differently than men. Period. Well everyone knows that. Everyone knows for sure women are treated differently. What is the big deal about it? Is that even a big deal anymore? Why? Because when some woman in public who has been harassed, who has been teased, who went through hell on our streets knew that until she called out for help, it was strictly her own business with prying eyes. Of course, if this goes as unreported no one among the people who watched that woman lose her right to protect her body cares even a bit. But things get tricky if the incident is reported. What the hell are you talking about? Somebody tried to harass a woman, she reported it, the guy(s) would get punished. Am I right or am I right! If it goes as reported then the same people who did not help her claims she was a prostitute! Or maybe the claim would be these things happen! WTF! No man you are wrong. That’s not what happens. Women today are smart. They shout for their protection. In this society women and men are equal. No wonder women have to depend more on the attitude of men than of women to ensure her own safety. But but…!

Yes, I know some people are out there who do treat women with respect and there is no reason that they should be given a salute for this! Why should they get a salute! It is not a favour to the women, or is it? If someone respects women for the sake of gaining respect himself then is that person really giving respect or simply demanding it? And when the time comes will he stand up for what is right?

What the hell are you talking about! We know these women. All they do is for money and quick fame. There is nothing else to it. We are the ones who are always correct. Yeah right! They wear short skirts and arousing dresses for this sole purpose only. Let me get this straight. They wear dresses which makes them look good(boys do that?) so that they will get attention of men, get raped, filmed on the mobile of the rapist and in many scenarios killed. Yes, you are right! Does sound like something women would live for. Oh, smart people you have done what no one else could do in the world, you of all people to walk this planet have deciphered women!

So, the question that arises is should we teach the girls in our society to defend themselves or teach the boys to respect women! And if we are teaching that, we need to see what went wrong! Oh, come on! You know people will be people. SO?

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