Through this post, I have tried to assess the impact of Bollywood on rapists. If I offend somebody, remember these are just my views and I am allowed to have those. This post in no way implies that I support leniency on rapists or that I am anti-women. It is just an attempt to look at things from a different perspective and find out why some Bollywood fans harass girls even though Bollywood has never openly supported it.



The first thing I search for when I look at a woman is her breasts. Am I a pervert? The second thing I look for is her curvaceous figure. Am I a pervert? The final thing I look for is her lips. Am I a pervert?

I was born in a village and raised in a city. My family was not an open-minded one. My father would think of it as an attempt to have sex if he ever saw me with girls. I was sent to an all-boys school. I grew up with boys like me. We watched girls on the Internet. We watched them on porn sites. We watched them in blue films. We watched them in Item songs of Bollywood. But most importantly, we watched them in the regular songs of Bollywood. We saw how the lead female actor would hate the lead male actor. We saw how after a song full of chasing the female actor, the male actor would come out as victorious. From our childhood, we saw this happen.  So why do people blame us if we go after girls like they do in films? Am I less than a hero! She is my lead actress. We ask our friends to harass her so that we can save her. This action sequence has always been popular in Bollywood. From Amitabh Bachchan to Varun Dhawan, we have seen them succeed in wooing the woman of her dreams. Why not in our case? What wrong have we done god! Why do all these people hate us? She is the woman of my dreams. I feel uncontrollable excitation when I see her. God gave us a penis. God gave them a vagina. If we do not use it what is the use of this 6-inch long vessel? Besides, I will succeed. I am destined for greatness like my Bollywood idols. Am I a pervert?

What the hell? The society hates me. No issues, even if they do, they cannot do anything. I will be out in some time for the rape I committed. And then I can have sex again in my life! I just followed my Bollywood idols. Australian Police arrested me! Why? What have I done wrong? Am I a pervert? That’s why?

Guilty Men! No, Guilty Women!

Women are treated differently than men. Period. Well everyone knows that. Everyone knows for sure women are treated differently. What is the big deal about it? Is that even a big deal anymore? Why? Because when some woman in public who has been harassed, who has been teased, who went through hell on our streets knew that until she called out for help, it was strictly her own business with prying eyes. Of course, if this goes as unreported no one among the people who watched that woman lose her right to protect her body cares even a bit. But things get tricky if the incident is reported. What the hell are you talking about? Somebody tried to harass a woman, she reported it, the guy(s) would get punished. Am I right or am I right! If it goes as reported then the same people who did not help her claims she was a prostitute! Or maybe the claim would be these things happen! WTF! No man you are wrong. That’s not what happens. Women today are smart. They shout for their protection. In this society women and men are equal. No wonder women have to depend more on the attitude of men than of women to ensure her own safety. But but…!

Yes, I know some people are out there who do treat women with respect and there is no reason that they should be given a salute for this! Why should they get a salute! It is not a favour to the women, or is it? If someone respects women for the sake of gaining respect himself then is that person really giving respect or simply demanding it? And when the time comes will he stand up for what is right?

What the hell are you talking about! We know these women. All they do is for money and quick fame. There is nothing else to it. We are the ones who are always correct. Yeah right! They wear short skirts and arousing dresses for this sole purpose only. Let me get this straight. They wear dresses which makes them look good(boys do that?) so that they will get attention of men, get raped, filmed on the mobile of the rapist and in many scenarios killed. Yes, you are right! Does sound like something women would live for. Oh, smart people you have done what no one else could do in the world, you of all people to walk this planet have deciphered women!

So, the question that arises is should we teach the girls in our society to defend themselves or teach the boys to respect women! And if we are teaching that, we need to see what went wrong! Oh, come on! You know people will be people. SO?

MY First Blog!A new Journey!

Honestly, I never thought I would develop the confidence to write so that the whole world could read my posts. This being my first blog, I would like to share my journey up to this point.
I have parents who love education. Why shouldn’t they? It is a powerful tool. It makes us knowledgeable. It makes us aware of our right. It helps us determine what is what. For people who are not sure about their career, education is like a safety net. If you land a private job, you are into money making. If you land a government sector job, you have job security. What is not there to like?

Honestly, I used to think so too. Until one day I randomly decided to try out something new. I joined the CSI team of Aaruush. CSI is the team which handled publicity, a lot of sales, crowd management and crisis management for the fest. Honestly, I thought I would never fit in a team whose members inculcate these skills. I was afraid of public speaking. I had given two speeches in my entire life, both in the final year of school. Once, I was forced to give a speech for a morning assembly, and once I decided to give a speech on our farewell day. But handling sales, oh no man! Not my kind of thing. But I tried. I was out there to prove myself. I kept trying and whoa! I never realized how this thing changed me. It introduced me to something which my education could never do. Ever since then I have tried my hands in many different events as a part of Organizing Committee. That is one beautiful part of my life.

The other part is not so bright. My parents were kind of overprotective. I did not want that. I wanted to experience the world for what it was, not a sugar-coated version of the world. This led to an exposure which told me there is no such thing as right or wrong! Maybe good and bad but not right or wrong. I thought I was on the right track. I easily survived my first year of college, and that too in a happy mode. Until the situations forced me to reconsider, not in a good way, In a bad way! I stopped believing in good and bad! Don’t know what came over me. I was on a downward spiral towards a path of darkness, and I always thought I was on the right track! I was doing Muns initially because I wanted to but I made a wrong choice there by going for an Mun in Bangalore because of the cash prize. I tried to sell my values for some money? some red and yellow paper pieces! Probably a Demand Draft (never won anything there though). But, I thought I was on the right track!

I sulked. I spiralled really down. Like heavy down. I didn’t know where I was going. I honestly worked my ass off to just ignore everything that was going on there. I never realized what had happened to me! I actually started feeling lost. Things got out of control! Didn’t knew how to deal with it! Didn’t knew what was going on! I messed up my internship in business management (am a cse student). What to do now?

I was so desperate I decided to talk to a friend and a stranger regarding this, and that turned my world upside down. Both of them. Stranger? Like nothing was the same as before. She was someone who not only understood my problems but also had a partially similar experience with things. She became a friend and taught me how to deal with my issues. She helped me understand that I am not the only one in the world with such issues. Such problems happen to everyone and it is perfectly fine to be worried about them. Instead of worrying I should take a break from everything, enj0y life, enjoy what I have, do what I like and not pay much attention to the bad elements. She helped me become open minded in a way I didn’t thought was possible. friend? She helped me parallelly. She helped me become a much better person by taking initiative. She helped me meet someone who understood me and helped me realize how lucky I am. How it is futile to worry about things. He helped me see things from a different perspective. They together guided me in a manner that made me realize nothing is really hard or complex, just our perception of it.

Then I tried my hands on a marketing and sales internship. And what happened? The first person whom I convinced actually, well we struck a chord! It felt so natural that we didn’t realize it but she became like a sister to me. I still have no idea why but I don’t care really. I feel connected and that’s what mattered!
Now I have three people apart from my parents and my childhood friend who are my family. And I love talking to random people now. They are most fun and lovely to talk to. Nothing like making new friends and spreading the joy of happiness and love. I don’t trust people without judging them but I give everyone a chance, because everyone deserves it, because life gave me one!